October 8th, 2010

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How I spent my Thursday evening: The Social Network

So, back from seeing The Social Network with a crowd of the Usual Suspects ([personal profile] jd/[personal profile] ryan, [personal profile] jld, [personal profile] tiferet) and I enjoyed it immensely, and may want to own this movie. This contains mild spoilers, but probably not much more than you'd get in a trailer.

This was a movie with a computer aspect that did not make me want to go pound my head on something hard. My fellow geeks will immediately know wherof I speak. I can't actually tell whether the technobabble was presented in a way that would have been dramatically interesting to the non-technical crowd, because I was following along cheerfully and giggling with [personal profile] jld.

Fictional stuff with real people is always awkward, because sometimes you're not sure whether someone's talking about the fictional persona as presented in the fictional work, or the actual person it was based on, because goodness knows they are not the same. (As a reader of Real Person Fiction, I have had more time to think about this than many.) So I'm not actually going to concern myself with how faithful to the actual events and personalities this was, except to note that if real!Zuckerberg is actually like fictional!Mark, then wow. The Daily Beast has more on what's fact and what's fiction.

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The story carried me along, although I did get a little bogged down in the long artistic jog from the pub back to Mark's dorm room as the beginning credits rolled. Jesse Eisenberg is a convincing social maladept and geek, Andrew Garfield's reaction to the C&D letter charmed me, and Justin Timberlake gradually ramps up the fucking cuckoo from merely mild to just plain way out the hell there.

There are no Easter eggs at the end of the film, so no need to stick around for the whole credits, though if you make a note at the right point during the film, you can join a small flock of the observant and curious for discussion.

Overall, enjoyable, and I plan to watch it again sometime.

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