December 18th, 2010

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Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1; Azz and the Disco Ball Dress 2 (November 17-19)

Collapse ) The epic disco ball dress that I'd worn for Halloween -- I'd looked at it, and I figured it was a bit manky. The label said to handwash, and never dryclean. I had a few other things that needed handwashing, and my launderizer had a handwash setting! What could be better?

O, the embarrassment.

So I opened the launderizer, and was greeted with a shower of slightly gummy flat silver sequins that had formerly been attached to my dress. I pulled everything out, with more sequins. I realized that all of the things that had been washed with the dress had sequins on them. I dug gobs of sequins out of the place where lint, hair, and other debris collects. (Though something to watch out for in the washer-and-dryer-in-one-unit launderizers if you've got long hair, is hairballs in your laundry. It's really jarring at first, and then more jarring if you find you've missed one after you go out.) Then I spent a not insignificant chunk of time getting sequins off the floor, and sequins off my person, and sequins off every other thing that had been in there, and sequins off my person again, and sequins out of my BED... you know how confetti is hell to clean up? You know how glitter is hell to clean up? You know how things that have not enough glue to stay stuck if you want them to stick, but enough glue to stick places you do not want them to stick, until falling off at the worst possible moment, are general hell? Yeah. Like that.

Despite all this, the dress retained at least 75% of its sequins, and still had a decent amount of sparkle in the non-sequined areas, due to the metallic threads in the base fabric.

While all that was going on, Tria-fish realized that the plans for seeing the midnight showing of HP7.1 at the reasonably-local-to-her theatre had one small flaw: transportation. Way after midnight. Woops. She posted to Facebook regarding this little problem, offering to split a taxi with someone local, or a free ticket to someone who could provide a ride.

Collapse ) Then I picked up Tria and her friend.

Hilarity started to ensue, as we started chattering. Tria and her friend were very happy that this was actually going to work out, because it had been in question. Tria related how it was actually thanks to my sharing the tale of my adventures after RHPS on Halloween that she remembered to check transportation for the movie.

"Hey wait," her friend chimed in from the back seat. "You didn't remember that, I reminded you about transportation."

"Well, I was thinking about it!"

"I was still the one who said it first. And I was thinking about it because my friend got stuck in the city on Halloween after BART stopped running."

There was more good-natured squabbling, in which it turned out that her friend was in the city to see RHPS.

I commenced laughing. It was just too good to be true. Details emerged, and ... yes. The four giggling virgins who I'd assisted that night got to a diner and then got home safely. And one of them was new BFFs with Tria's friend.

"Text her!" Tria said. "Text her right now and tell her that you're in that lady's car AT THIS VERY INSTANT."

"And I'm wearing the same top!" I crowed, laughing so hard that the girls feared for my ability to find a parking spot safely. Sadly, Tria's friend did not have the number in her phone yet. We parked and headed in, and got pictures in front of the giant posters.

Instead of having interminable lines, they appeared to have shut down most of the rest of the theatre for the evening, so we were free to just go in and sit. So we sat. Collapse )

The movie was great fun. There were all sorts of things whispered back and forth, with particular attention to the Snatchers. I dropped the girls back at the dorm then went home.

My 4am review in IM, once I got back and got the worst of the sequins off me:

Movie good. Collapse )

If the landscapes do not bore you to tears as Harry, Hermione, and Ron are getting unhinged, I think you will like.

The rest of the 19th: Slept. Walked with aunt and poodle on oceanfront promenade (rain). Found missing backup drive.

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