February 12th, 2011


(Old stuff: December 7) Julian Assange, or, why sometimes I'd like to clonk my friends a good one

Attention to the alleged misdeeds of Julian Assange in his personal life began to outnumber the wikileaks-specific commentary in my Twitter-feed. At some point around here in the timespan, someone mentioned a concept that was just about guaranteed to set me yelling and hammering on heads. The concept, probably paraphrased:
"If someone were trying to distract from Wikileaks, they couldn't have picked a better method, because no one will support a rapist."

I had problems with that, too deep to articulate in a conversation while I was still groggy from sleep, but the concept nagged at me for ... well, quite a while. So I've broken down some of the things it made me think of.

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