November 25th, 2011


Thanksgiving: Excursions and Alarums edition

I'm home. O goodness what a day.

First, the good:

[personal profile] jd and [personal profile] ryan were doing dinner; I brought cider and some dessert makings. I tried some scary thing on the Wii involving Wario and very short micro-games. After determining my feelings on the matter (about like I'd thought) I retreated to my computer.

The internet was enjoying some turkey-fisting (particularly in [ profile] jenphalian's vicinity), lots of pies, lots of togetherness (sometimes too much), and it was very pleasant to be in person with some of my dearest people, online with more, cozily warm, with various cooking hilarity taking place. There was a roast, cranberry bread, rolls,

[personal profile] jld arrived, at length, and there was assorted partying, and then dinner. The roast was tasty. We watched Xanadu, which ... may not have aged well in its 31 years in some respects. The neon-edged effects on the Muses looked like they took a hell of a lot of work to make, and "partner" has a hell of a lot of different connotations in LA in 1980 than in SF in 2011.

Midway through that part of the party, Ryan left to go attempt some Black Friday. The party continued with great glee. Jed was introduced to the hilariously wrong glory that is My Drunk Kitchen. Trivial Pursuit ensued. Now, while all of the parts of this used version were intact, the deck was from 1980. Thus some of the statistics and current events referenced were really not so current. Hilarity ensued. One question that was on a card that was drawn for Jed, although a different color: "What creature makes its home in an apiary?" After a while Jed commenced answering questions that he knew he had no idea of with "Batman". This was, of course, hysterically funny.

I put together the planned dessert slightly shy of midnight and then headed out to my car to go pick up [personal profile] tiferet for our planned Black Friday shenanigans.

Vash didn't start. Collapse )

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