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So my friend who I refer to as "Skippy" is hanging over my shoulder, as he's in lab and McGuirk is boooooooring. He was wanting yesterday to be allowed to watch if I were getting it on with my Pretty. I snickered at him. I'm fairly sure he's mono; I'd be hitting on him if he were poly. The things that come out of my mouth when I'm working on code. Evidently N% is apt to tell the absolute truth without filtering it.

Evidently Skippy was not aware of all the happy personalities in my head. An introduction to us:
Azz: me, the one that most people interact with on a day-to-day basis.
garnetdagger: the Warrior bitch, who takes names and kicks ass as needed.
N%: The shy programmer. Not good with personal interactions. Her full name remains private, generally; she's insisted that calling her N* is not appropriate, as she prefers % as the multicharacter wildcard rather than *.
Marah: As the name suggests, bitter. ("Cute," Skippy comments.)

Am explaining LJ to him. Have invited him to join if he wishes; I have codes. Mwa-ha-ha. He doesn't have to even keep up his own journal, but having an LJ account will allow him to log in and get e-mail replies to the comments he leaves, and have him have a cool user picture instead of posting anonymously. I'm typing this and he's reading over my shoulder; I'm trying not to talk and interrupt McGuirk, who's holding forth at some length about style sheets. (He doesn't care if he interrupts her: he'll get it on the second or third repetition. Second or third repetition. Repetition.)

He left to go back to class. He's lots of fun. He's a friend of ralmathon.

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