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Azure Jane Lunatic

Cats, and raw food

Interesting article.

votania mentioned that feeding cooked food to cats was toxic to them. She'd found some resources suggesting this. I got curious, because I know that the canned cat food that we give them has been cooked, and decided to look it up at some point.

I was spurred to actually do this today because I commented in nalidoll's journal that I was teasing her, because I thought that any diet that was strictly exclusive of something was a bit silly; I hold that it should be possible to have a good balance of different types of food, cooked, raw, and so forth. (I think that insisting that all your food be cooked is equally silly, if not sillier. Who wants to cook apples? Or bananas? Or oranges? Or peas?)

The article seems to maintain that there are benefits and disadvantages to both raw and cooked foods, and moderation is the key. That's my position as well.

Furthermore, the cats in the Pottenger study look to have been suffering from a taurine deficiency, which produces all of the effects of the ills that the cats fed with cooked food were suffering. This was before people knew how crucial taurine was to cats. shammash and eris_raven are doing well with their cooked canned cat food... I don't see the problem with giving my Eris, at least, cooked scraps of meat (and rice, if she really wants it).

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