Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Coming up on the end

Next week is the Little Fayoumis' last week of Kindergarten.


How's he getting to be so big, so fast?

We'll have to work with him on his name and address over the summer. He keeps forgetting the area code, and he can't spit the whole address out in one chunk. The information's there, the retrieval's just hard. I shudder to think how a police officer upon finding him, were he lost, would have to ask him so many bazillion different ways in order to find out where he lived to bring him safely home.

He knows his first name, and his last name. He knows his phone number, and the area code, but won't say them together. He knows the address... but won't say it all in one chunk. Aaaaaaagh, quoth the parents. He's supposed to know this. We've been over it with him. Again. And Again. Just, evidently, not enough. Auuugh.

But he's still a good Little Fayoumis.

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