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breathing this air

I can feel the magic(k) today. The temple's being cleansed (someone took down a seal; it's back up and the cleansing is driving everything that doesn't belong out) and the scent of the incense, and the clean cool breeze and the music, that together with my morning, is clearing out my head, spinning the love through me.

I don't have to search anymore. I've found love. Darkside. Sis. Adam. Neighbor, Nephew, Uncle Alan. Dawn. Everyone. Shamash.

It's like balancing your proteins. Only some foods have complete proteins, but as long as you get enough of each kind, you're fine. I don't need a One True Love. I've got the spiritual, I've got the physical, I've got the love of the heart, I've got the friends...

...why break my heart looking for what I've got already?
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