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The things we crazy fangirls snark about

azurelunatic: Though Imperious for Imperius is my favorite bad fan spelling thing.
othercat: *smirks*
azurelunatic: Because it's an actual word, and it should make the person who it's cast on utter improbable and very haughty orders.
othercat: *snork*
azurelunatic : And with a higher probabilty of them being obeyed.
othercat: *smirks*
azurelunatic: So, if Lucius Malfoy were to cast Imperious on Harry in Voldemort's presence, Harry should order that Voldemort fetch him a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, and Voldemort should obey, and so should all the other Death Eaters be obeying Harry's every whim until Malfoy takes it off him.
othercat: Heheheheh

Do we not fill you with fear? This is the Satanic world of Dungeons and Dragons, people. Sheesh.

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