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Darkside vs. Panic Attack: Darkside ∞; Panic Attack 50.

Due to Darkside's guardedness about his own worries, I've taken to guarding my own from him as well. I put the situation to him simply: panic attack, and I was needing a shoulder that I trusted briefly.

He got somewhat clipped and forceful with me, and managed to extract an accounting of things. I'd only been intending to ask him to give me virtual hugs and allow me to remain near him while I worked out things myself, but he tugged in the right places, and I told him stuff, and he did his usual thing. (This did include the amusing proposal to drive Shawn insane near to the point of death, Pretender-style...) I told him everything, near enough. What was stressing me out, and why it was stressing me, including Shawn, including why I'm reluctant to let my emotions go here... I could feel him with me at every word. He cares.

It just helps to tell someone these things, sometime. I've been, lately, without that...

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