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Electronics (good girl, bad girl, strong girl)

Hopped the bus to Fry's Electronics. Wandered around. They seem to be short on Handspring Visors, which was unfortunate for me and fortunate for my financial state.

Looked at keyboards. Looked at keyboard trays to attach under desks. Looked at speakers. Gazed wistfully at shiny monitors and uninterruptable power supplies. Kept my mouth firmly shut with my tongue and its up to three feet of drool carefully inside while looking at motherboards and cases and hard drives. N% wants so badly to build a computer of our very own.

Was wandering about when I saw the sale on floor lamps. Glee! Grabbed two and walked, a little awkwardly, over to the registers to check out. Inquired after bags. Evidently the wussy little normal grocery-sized sacks was all that they had. I tut-tutted, and proceeded out to the bus stop, with impeccable timing, juggling both 6-kilo 6" x 12.5" x 22.5" boxes, just as the bus arrived.

Smiled sunnily at the proseletizers (Christian, teenage, male, clean-cut, brand-name sportswear-clad) at the Metro bus stop while declining the offer of the flyer they were handing out. Was not N%'s cross visible enough? Perhaps my star was too visible. Oh, and the head-to-toe black. That might have contributed. Caught the 90 home.

Hiked home with the boxes, being careful to evade the drunken argument converging around the pay phones on the infamous corner of "The Hooker on the Corner by the Phones". Saw jedi_rezboy headed the opposite direction when I got nearer home.

Even 12 kilos can get a little heavy after a while of carrying them. It was good to get home...

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