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Meme: The Contents of my Wallet

My wallet is soft black leather, three-fold, fastening with a snap. There are many poky little compartments.

Outermost: zippered change pocket.
$1.75 in quarters (bus fare plus phone call)
$0.60 in dimes (bus fare for the Little Fayoumis)
$0.04 in pennies (ah. Change should go in the change box.)
Sometimes there are little packets of aspirin or salt in this pocket, but not this time.

The Photo Pocket
Up front, where it's visible, a photo of the Little Fayoumis, with his gap-toothed kindergarten picture day smile.
Behind that:
Organ donor card, Alaskan, with "I love you all" scrawled on the back in my eighteen-year-old cursive
Two different blood donor cards, both Red Cross, one paper and one plastic, stuck together by the goop that was on the back of the paper one. (O+, for the curious.)
My DeVry student insurance card.
My Alaska voter card.
A small copy of my high school diploma, laminated.

The outer pocket that's right there when you undo the snap
This being the most accessible pocket, this contains the stuff I'm going to need to grab and put away easily.
My DeVry student ID/attendance swipe card
A June bus pass (DELETED!)
the July bus pass

Card slots in middle of wallet, first tier
Sam's Club card, member since 12/2001 (complimentary spouse card).
Phoenix Public Library card
Arizona driver's license
Planned Parenthood BC pill supply line card (call for refill/pickup) with the address scribbled on, and the info I need to leave on their answering machine
Safeway Club card (very old) (visited their website just now and updated the info, so that it won't be going to the old address back home)
University of the Anime Otaku membership card, not validated
Bank account number card
Clergy certification card
Gift card for Sam's & Wal-Mart (empty)
Barnes & Noble membership card
IEEE membership card
Appointment card for cancelled dentist's appointment in April
Gift card for Fry's (about $5 left, left over from Darkside's Christmas gift)
A business card with semi-important phone numbers on it

Card slots in middle of wallet, second tier
Identification card, with name, address, phone, and contact in the case of emergency (roommate, parents).

Card slots in middle of wallet, third tier
Subway Sub Club card
Bank 24 hour customer service number card

Card slots at right end of wallet, first tier
ATM card from nationally-distributed bank
ATM card from Fairbanks bank
Fry's grocery membership card
Credit card
Cellphone business card, with my number and the passcode to get into the voicemail. (Cellphone has no service at the moment, and hasn't for some months.)

Card slots at right end of wallet, second tier
Membership card for the coffee joint in the mall
Recommendation card for my dentist

Card slots at right end of wallet, third tier
Waldenbooks membership card

Main pocket of wallet where bills go
A laminated motto (the "turn their hearts/turn their ankles" one)
A printout of the Miranda Warning (FatherSir's idea)
A handwritten copy of the instructions for the LBRP, much water-stained (and unnecessary now)
A handwritten copy of the Names for the LBRP and the Middle Pillar exercise, and a diagram noting the names of the nodes and what they symbolize. (very battered, and must be re-copied)

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