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Still. Always.

...Darkside's wearing his trench coat again today. I can't in good conscience think too much about how attractive I find him anymore; that just would not be polite. Intrusive, even. No matter that it's in the privacy of my own mind: my own mind is not private. Darkside occasionally shares bits and pieces, just as I receive echoes of him.

What is it about wiry-thin martial arts guys just about as tall as I am? Darkside's 5'7" and there is occasionally debate as to whether he's taller or I'm taller. He's got your standard business-type haircut, very light brown or dark blond, depending on how much sun he's been in (I always think of him as blond), blue/grey eyes and glasses, a scruffy "I forgot to shave for two weeks almost-beard", a thin nose, soft lips. (I know how almost all of his body feels, even before I touch it, and after we come in physical contact, I was always right.)

I'm gone. I'm dead. I'm perverse and disrespectful. ...I still care.
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