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Azure Jane Lunatic

Day so far...

Woke up bright and early and hit school. Yay, me. Foot is feeling somewhat better, but not by any means entirely.

Web class was fun. I zoned out a little, and amused myself during lecture by writing two completely different sets of notes: one, in my private LJ, a dry condensation of the topics, and the other one in this LJ, the personal commentary on the class. She doesn't object to using the computers to take notes. Yay for that. Which I was.

Wound up taking off a bit early, as N% was doing the potty dance. Next class was Networking, with Sandstrom, in 119, which is still the one lecture room off the courtyard this tri. (The classrooms change numbers as the building is remodeled and rearranged. It's frightening.) I took Darkside's seat, after waiting for the class to empty out of the people therein. I noticed that there was one chick who by ping and pendant was a colleague; I'll probably wind up welcoming her to DeVry one of these days when no one's in a rush. It's an interesting class group in there before us, as the guy who asked me about the SCA (he saw my staff) was in there too.

Sandstrom's a lot of fun. He's a real hacker, and is encouraging us to become so as well. White or grey hat, of course. (I still want to get myself a baseball cap that's #000000 and have the words "White Hat" written on it.) I was the one who hadn't read the book who knew what "sneakernet" meant. And yes, sneakernet was in the book. Cool. Very cool. I've read the Jargon File. I don't know if anyone else in my class group has.

Spent half an hour in the cafeteria, slurping some more of the evil chocolate shit and working on my Lit homework. Simple assignment: paraphrase five passages, and relate each of them to you. No problem.

I noticed that some of the more notably blonde and bronzed examples of freshmen had shiny new DeVry backpacks, obviously from the bookstore. Curious, I peered in, and was looking at the backpacks wistfully, when the lady in the bookstore who knows me by name (can't remember hers, but she's been in several of my classes) told me that I might put one backpack on my Educard.


I am now the owner of one black DeVry backpack by Eastpak. It is larger than my old backpack, is not held together with my uncertain stitchery, and also has wheels.

I'm reasonably content right now. I have another hour until class -- well, 45 minutes or so -- and when I get home, I'm going to vacuum and do all that good stuff, and catch up on my reading, and generally have a complete ball.

I like this. This is part of where I belong.

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