Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Assorted bits of news...

Bitchy Witchy Week is *still* trailing off. Grr. It wasn't a very heavy flow; in fact, it was barely staining the tampons each time for the entire week. Now I'm still getting pinkish goo and lumps. I know there's no possible pregnancy involved, as there was nothing even resembling sperm/semen near me for the past several months. Not worrisome, just... a little irritating.

shammash is back to his regular bouncy self, and his ear is still funny-looking, but no longer requires draining. It's lumpy and wrinkled, but it's healing in its own good time, and isn't abscessed.

Little Fayoumis starts school the 11th. Ghaa! Pants! And then we'll have to get all the usual equipment... I guess we can start with the Kleenex, because I know that's standard. His backpack's still good and still cool, and maybe I can find some Pokémon and/or racecar patches to sew on it for maximum coolness.

FatherSir sent Little Fayoumis an octopus. He's been waving it in people's faces. Garr.

Kilbridge is determined that the baby will come on schedule, and will not interrupt finals. Her doctor laughed.

It's been muggy and hazy around here. Thank you, fires. You can go ahead and stop already.

hlynna: I had to clean that up so much to even get him that cross. I just haven't been quite feeling like I'm in command there. I guess that's because I befriend the grouches... I have a model for Snape. Well, sort of two. I just imagine Spock with Darkside's darkest side. The trouble is, while Darkside is perfectly Snapeish to other people, he warms up and smiles and glows around me.

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