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Letter to

Mr. Bush:

Your new webmail system, as convenient as it may be for your staff, reminds me of the webmail systems of large software companies that do not have a genuine concern for their customers.

If that is the impression you intend to make on your citizens, that you do not give a hoot about them, then please, keep it in place exactly as-is. Otherwise, you and your web staff may wish to make a few alterations.

First, the category of supporting or dissenting is logically flawed. It is very possible to comment without supporting or dissenting; the US as a whole is fond of the logical fallacy of the false dilemma, but it is indeed a fallacy. The official webmail system of the White House should not endorse a logically flawed position.

Second, the range of possible e-mail subjects is limiting at best, unless I have somehow missed a "General" category, or overlooked the fact that the ONLY possible subdivision of "Science/Technology" is "Energy", which is wildly inaccurate for any computer-related issues I might wish to bring to your attention, as that is my field of specialty, in which I am pursuing my first Bachelor's degree. This also leaves out communications, space, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and a vast number of other possible concerns. It might be advisable to include an "Other" category for a concern not so easily pigeonholed.
At least the only other broad topic with a single subheading is "Education", with the all-inclusive "Education" beneath it.

Third, I appreciate the wide range of prefixes, but note that your system is missing "Priestess/High Priestess", "Druid", and "Priest", (among others) while containing "Rabbi", "Father", and "Sister". The Judeo-Christian religious tradition, while old and respected, is not the only religion in our diverse country.

Fourth and finally, making an address a required field on this webmail form is annoying to those who have a few words to say that do not require response, and a matter of some concern to those who may be commenting on privacy issues.

Your reluctant constituent,
Reverend Joan Laurel [Lastname]

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