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There was this guy who was the family's old friend/retainer, and in the war, he'd wound up with wounds, and before I went out to the movies, I had to stop in at a nurse employment agency, which matched nurses to patients, to pick a nurse that best suited him. Nurses suiting were not all that rare until I specified that the nurse had to be a veteran, because he'd seen combat and was scarred/wounded, and the whole flashbacks issue.

So I talked on the phone with the prospective nurse that they finally tracked down, and he seemed a great sort, and then I went to write down the phone number, but that was a long complex thing that he said twice, beginning with 10011001, and finally I had to say that I was not from around here and he needed to tell it to me number by number slowly.

And earlier, I was Scully, and I was in a store or something, and something was wrong, and the Viking had joined the side of the other guys, and I knocked him out or something, and then my mother and sister (Mrs. Scully and her other daughter) came in, and I was hiding up in the tops of the stacks in the shoe section, and they wound up being under mind control from the bad guys but they got me tranquilized, but then somehow they or I shook free, and I was free to go off again and rejoin my group...

...and then I got to make friends with an older woman who was the princess of something or other or something, and there was this king, and things were happening. And there was this thing with a vampire who got walled up in a cell, and was being tortured by having food witheld, and finally he was willing to tell where he came from for a leaf of lettuce, but then the torturer said something that no, the blank wall he was facing right now was not the direction of his homeland, the direction of his homeland was the east which was behind him, and to the east was a glass wall, and it was on the outside of the castle, and byebye vampie, sun's rising!

And the princess who I was friends with had gotten in an argument with the king (they were of different families, different countries, and were about the same age) and I gave away military secrets in the hopes that they would ally, and laid out troop movements with M&Ms, red and green for theirs, and yellow for the true enemy, and told how things would royally mess up if they fought, that was what the enemy wanted, and my gamble paid off and they allied and were of course in love.

And *then* came the bit about watching the movie. He reminded me of Bothari.

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