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A fill-in-the-blanks from yaksha42

1* First grade teacher's name: Stark

2* Last words you said: A sleepy mumble to someone who wasn't there

3* Last song you sang: can't remember.

4* Last person you hugged: yaksha42

5* Last thing you laughed at: Darkside made some quip or other that had me folded up on my bed, laughing and laughing and laughing... but I can't remember what it was. I cussed him out for it, but he told me that I needed it.

6* Last time you said "i love you": More with the sleepy mumble to someone who wasn't there, last night.

7* Last time you cried: Hot near-tears of frustration at Oracle count, don't they? Monday in lab.

8* What's in your CD player: The disk that goes with my networking book.

9* What color socks are you wearing: A thin layer of dead skin and floor dirt.

10* What's under your bed?: Pressed carpet. Maybe some lint. Mattresses are stacked in a precarious pile on the floor.

11* What time did you wake up today: 7:30-ish.

12* Current taste: Mmmm, Milky Way.

13* Current hair: Dark brown with highlights from the sun. The sun's bleached the ends that were dyed black out to the natural color of my hair that hasn't been bleached out.

14* Current clothes: Underpants, a sheet, two rings, a black hemp & rose quartz bracelet, the silver and amythyst pendant Darkside gave me, glasses, one titanium stud earring.

15* Current annoyance: I need a new desk chair!

16* Current longing: Darkside. Must see him soon. Also, more of that yummy stuff I made the other night would be good. Must locate more hamburger and more green onions.

17* Current desktop picture: a photograph called "The Kiss", in which one of the scantily clad chicks looks very much like my Pretty

18* Current worry: Weight, finances, homework

19* Current hate: I have a grumpity grudge against Malfoy Senior (Darkside's father) but no hate.

20* Story behind your LJ username: An online punk band name generator back in '96 or so spawned the name. Vampire: The Masquerade spawned a character, who became a personality.

21* Current favourite article of clothing: That comfy shirt that is button-down with the short sleeves.

22* Favourite physical feature of the opposite sex: ...I think voice. Or hands.

23* Last CD that you bought: Some Bach for votania last winter.

24* Favourite place to be: Anywhere with Darkside.

25* Least favourite place: Anywhere that I'm not welcome.

26* Time you wake up in the morning: These days, sixish.

27* If you could play an instrument, what would it be: Possibly violin, like the rest of my family.

28* Favourite colour: That one color blue.

29* Do you believe in an afterlife? In one form or another. Not necessarily the literal Heaven/Hell, though.

31* Current favourite word/saying: Someone's name.

32* Favourite book: Diane Duane probably wrote it. Or Cherryh.

33* Favourite season: Winter or Spring in Arizona, Fall in Alaska. Or summer.

34* Favourite scent: To smell: Darkside's clothes. On me: Aphrodesia perfume oil, my own Holy Fuck oil, or Exclamation Noir.

35* Favourite day: Days I get to talk to Darkside.

36* Where do you want to go: Anywhere you go, let me go too...

37* What is your career going to be like: Twists and turns.

38* How many kids do you want: Perhaps one. None, if not with him.

39* What kind of car do you have: '87 Toyota Tercel stationwagon, manual transmission. In Alaska.

40* What color is it?: Candy-apple red

41* A random lyric: "And the wind catches your feet and sends you flying..."

42* Identify some things surrounding your computer: Empty plate, dead CDs, Harkins refill cup of water with lipstick marks on the rim, a broken but still functional hair claw, a bottle of pale bluegreen nail polish, a dispenser of lotion, a fairly new lipstick, my watch (digital), a tiny flask of peach-flavored stuff, an empty container for my headphones, anti-split-ends hair spray-on goop, a much scribbled-over Tarot sheet, a guide for the LBRP and Middle Pillar rites.

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