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Happy Loony

Today, so far, has been a glowing success. (Well, not what I wrote in my dead tree journal during ASP, but it is now.) Despite LF throwing a hissyfit when he was told to step away from the game and get dressed now, because they were leaving, it's been a good day. (Don't know if he's going to get grounded from gaming for that little display. I would.)

ASP class was good. Still need to settle down and read a couple chapters there. Lit class was good. I got the reading journal done this morning before school, sitting around lazily clad in underpants and sheet. Much discussion of Joyce Carol Oates' "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" -- fascinating. An Old Fiend, eh? One hour isn't hardly enough time. I got the reading journal printed out from school before ASP, as I e-mailed it to myself.

I was a little nervous about my ASP lab, due today at 5p, but no longer -- I had the bulk of it done, and I just had to re-look-up the proper syntax for a caption on a table (<caption align=top>caption</caption>) and send off the link. 5 minutes work, and most of it was the opening of the program and the searching for the information.

So I now have an hour and 20 minutes to finish reading my friends page, responding to comments, and generally chilling (oh, and lunch, too) before heading off to my DBA class.

I need to remember to ask Dawn what class she and Darkside were in that project team together in. (I miss them both.)

*giggle* A girlfriend! *gigglebounce*

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