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Interests log update

Removed: music, movies, wood (sorry, my former self...)

Current: Interests:147: 42, 8 of swords, 80s music, air, alaska, babylon 5, bdsm, bisexuality, blondie, blue hair, books, brew, c++, caffeine, caffeine high, center for talented youth, chaos, chaos magick, chocolate, chocolate-covered espresso beans, coffee, computers, cordelia vorkosigan, crystals, cty, cult of josh, cyteen, dark angel, darkside, death swill, dendarii, denny's, depression, devry, diana wynne jones, diane duane, dissociative identity disorder, douglas adams, dragons, dream treatments, dtwof, duct tape, duct tape sword guys, earth, ectogenesis, egyptian fayoumi, elements, enki, eowyn, eric, fire, gay rights, geeks, gemini, goth, hamilton college, hematite, hentai, html, isaac asimov, java, jolt, kurt vonnegut, l-space, lart, library monkeys, lightsabers, linux, liquid satan, lois mcmaster bujold, magic, magick, malkavian, matrix, metallica, monty python, mountain dew, mpd, mud cult, n00b power, nevermore, nine inch nails, occult, oingo boingo, perfume, phoenix, poetry, polyamory, pterry, r.e.m., raven, ravens, reading, reiki, religion, richard feynman, river water, robert a. heinlein, robert jordan, rocky horror picture show, rose quartz, rpgs, runes, science fiction, sex, sith academy, sithjawa, slash, sleep, spider robinson, spirit, star trek, star wars, strangers in paradise, strength, submission, sugar high, sword and sorceress, swords, talented yeeth, tarot, techno, technomancy, terry moore, terry pratchett, the chariot, the goddess brew, the matrix, there is no conspiracy, there is no spoon, they might be giants, to annoy and confuse, tool, trenchcoat mafia, trigun, user friendly, voice, webcomics, weirdos, wheel of time, wicca, wind, witchcraft, words, writing, x-files, yeeth.

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