Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

No. Just... no.

So I'm reading my networking book, and you know it's late at night, because suddenly I get this brilliant idea: a drink. Not just any drink. A seven-layer OSI model network drink.

azurelunatic (11:20:36 PM): I have just had a really bad idea.
sithjawa (11:20:39 PM): oh?
azurelunatic (11:21:18 PM): I need names of alcohol starting with the letters P, D, N, T, S, P, and A.
azurelunatic (11:21:33 PM): For a seven-layered OSI drink.
sithjawa (11:21:42 PM): Kill me now.
azurelunatic (11:30:13 PM): Peppermint schnapps, Dark creme de cacao, Nassau orange, Tequila, Strawberry schnapps, Peach schnapps, Almond amarretto
sithjawa(11:30:25 PM): NO DRINK
sithjawa (11:30:27 PM): is EVER
azurelunatic (11:30:40 PM): Never?
sithjawa (11:30:43 PM): allowed to contain peppermint, peach, and amaretto all together.
sithjawa (11:30:44 PM): EVER.
sithjawa (11:30:55 PM): ESPECIALLY not with tequila.
azurelunatic (11:30:59 PM): but... is OSI model drink!
sithjawa (11:31:39 PM): *gag*
sithjawa (11:31:45 PM): And *still* kill me now :D
azurelunatic (11:32:06 PM): Fine. *huff* YOU find alcohol that tastes good together starting with those letters.
sithjawa (11:32:10 PM): *ggl*

The eventual vote of the committee was thus: peach schnapps, dark creme de cacao, ninety-nine blackberries, tequila, strawberry schapps, plum wine, apple schnapps, to form the Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, and Application layers of the drink.

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