Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


For the longest time I've tried to stick to loving one person and one person only. Is that really the way I want to go?

I just fall in love at the drop of a feather, and if I fall hard, it generally lasts for a long time. Never usually for more than five years, but I do generally still like the people I've loved in the past forever.

I used to believe in one man, one woman, together forever. I was capable of incredible amounts of focus. This was my one true love, by gods, and I was going to keep him.

I change too much to do that anymore. I still think I'm going to love forever, but who is this I who is doing the loving? I have concrete written proof that my personality isn't the same as it was even three months ago -- my writing style may have maintained some similarity, but I've just gone through drastic personal change.

Yet I still care about the people I cared about the most deeply while I was still the person who met them.

I don't know. I live, I love. I stop loving, I die. Damn near had concrete proof of that one too.
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