Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

State of the Lunatic:

Clothed. Black slacks, black tank top. Silver star ring on left ring finger, silver and faux amber ring on right ring finger. (Both rings linking me to votania, come to think of it, though the one on the left hand was from the Circle of Chaos.) Eternal necklace on, and not coming off any time soon. Necklace I've been wearing a lot in the past few days, the little crystal heart pendant with the blue roses engraved in the back, is going to be going on again as soon as I can find a cord for it that won't give my neck a rash like the chain did. (Metal allergies. Nasty ones.)

That little necklace symbolizes being true to myself, especially in matters of love. I bought it for that reason, and had the one person who never allowed me to betray myself put it on me.

I've been wearing the black hemp and rose quartz bracelet nonstop. Reminds me of that first necklace of power I made back before CTY '95. It's the same size rose quartz beads.

Beat-up comfortable socks, and the black rubber sandals. Tired Loony. Long dark brown hair being brushed, and brushed, to try to make it detangle itself on its own. Candle burning, merry and powerful. The blue tall jar I found filters the yellow candellight to what looks pure white. I like.

Heading out sometime. Plasma.

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