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Azure Jane Lunatic

Date, continued.

Yeah. Well. Date.

This was perhaps the second official event in my life that could really be called a date.

Sure, I went to movies with my friends in high school occasionally, but never alone, never in a potentially romantic situation.

My first date was a bit of a disaster. I mainly went on it in order to irritate the holy hell out of my "best friend" (with benefits), but that sort of backfired when the two guys became instant best friends. I struck up a conversation with the guy for his taste in books, and it turned out we had the same favorite author. We went to see a movie, not the movie I wanted to see, but decent. The date actually wasn't such of a disaster. The disaster came when the guy I had gone on the date with developed an unfortunate attachment to me, and finally had to be told that he did have a chance of getting me to fall for him, but the chance was approximately as much as the chance of a giant squid emerging intact from the faucet of his bathroom sink: close to zero.

I got engaged between then and now, but my fiance and I never really did go on any dates, though there was the one time that I suppose could have been construed as a double-date, though we weren't romantically involved then...

This date was really actually very good. Nice guy, friend of my sister's, good movie, good conversation, and Mountain Dew.

What more do you need?

No chemistry, no goodnight kiss, no hand-holding ... very little eye contact, even, because in person I am shy as hell.

It was a good date, though.

I don't see it developing into anything serious romantically, because I've got enough in that department already, but I do see the beginning, as is the cliche, of a beautiful friendship.
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