Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

*whewh* Household cleaning

Decided to do the catboxes after I did my laundry. Because hey, Lammas, making sure everybody's ready to enjoy the harvest...

Cleaning shammash's catbox led to the revelation that hey, the kitchen hall closet was in sorry shape. So, I shuffled things around there, and that reminded me that hey, the spare bucket of dish detergent should go under <cue scary music> the sink </music> and therefore, under the sink was likewise cleaned.

marxdarx had put away dishes earlier: yay!

I found a lovely glass cake plate under there. Coolness. I, feeling far too much like my mother, wrapped it in a small pink towel with lace on it and stuck it in the cupboard above the refrigerator. (at home, the Ceremonial Glass Cake Plate is wrapped in a yellow towel in the top of a cupboard). Some of the stuff under the sink headed trashwards, and some just got organized better. Still and all, that metal pan, the one that's rusted, with all the glass jars in it? That's going to get tossed as soon as the jars can be better-organized.

Also, it's time to start saving and washing glass jars again, because we're almost all out of jars to collect cooking grease in before it's thrown out.

Net effect: kitchen that is feeling much happier.

We should probably go through the saucers and throw out the chipped ones. We have enough.

Also, my homework got done in a timely fashion, and the URL shipped off to Sandstrom before five. Additionally, I picked up the package from the office, and it was what I thought I should be. Note to self: 5mm is more like it. Remember this next time. Ah well, it's all good. There's something that is golden with shinies that I think should be allocated elsewhere *giggle* for obvious reasons. Well, obvious to me, anyway.

Probably time to start cleaning up and getting ready for redshoeson to come by.

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