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thoughts on rahtermuch wine (or equiv)

called up the party . had much fun. ro's fun. good party. wish we where there.

forgot whatr was goninag to sahyh.

I think it was about my beautiful dearest love. And the whole dom thing. i think dagger could dom him, eh? but htat wasn't it. Oh! when dagger was out she noticed i thought it was weird being Shanna. Long time that I was saying shut up shanna all the time. but now she's me too.. Because I was joanprime and I was shanna and we're both 'Ni now. Yay!

And shanna was par tof dagger too. and laughing hawk all went in dagger. and azz went into me. is why doin't really think of azz as my name. that was azz. I'm ... 'ni. Joanie. But they call me 'ni inside.

Except there isn't much inside unless we take it outside. It doesn't transact in words, only when we have to do this for the other humans.

Good stew.

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