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I may or may not have mentioned that Darkside does occasionally get dragged to go golfing with his father. A fairly recent time when they were golfing, Darkside noticed that when you hit the ball with the wood, it emitted sparks. Even more recently, Darkside was taking a swing with the wood ... and it suddenly felt very much lighter.

He'd hit the head off of his dad's wood. There was much giggling that night in his family, and many amusing little sexually slanted jokes.

Meanwhile, it is notable that Adam and I started our little "fling" that has since become a relationship between two good friends that is not dating. In the process of this relationship, it happened that a certain part of Adam's body picked up a nickname.

The phrase "What's up, Sparky?" will cause Adam to turn a lovely shade of pink every time.

I told Darkside that if he was looking to make Adam blush, he should say "What's up, Sparky?" to Adam.

"That's odd," Darkside said.




"One of my dad's golf clubs has a titanium head, so it sparks when it hits something, so it's called Sparky. The wood."

"That same wood that you..."

"Yes, the same wood that I hit the head off of."

It doesn't lie. Confirmation. Of whatever sort. Yes, it's bothering Darkside more than he's trying to let on.
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