Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Today: School, sleep, bras, books.

Went to class after waking up late. Began to sketch out the rules for LARPing network interactions (as a teaching tool). Has someone been spending too much time around gamers?

Came home. Planned to go to Catherine's for bras early, but somehow missed that. Was almost ready to head out at three-ish, but my body took one good look at my intentions and told me firmly that either I was getting a nap, or it was collapsing. I opted for a nap.

Turns out that Catherine's doesn't have E cups, but they did have 48 and 50 DDD. I tried on both, and went with the 50. It felt like gun turrets or something, the Madonna effect. Not that I'm compaining. This current POS is doing the spaghetti-strap thing, which is *%#$@ painful.

The nice lady pointed out that tomorrow is their 'buy one, get one 50% off' sale on underwear, and offered to put my bras on hold for tomorrow. (Good customer service, yay! Plus it helps that I was being my sweet, pretty, and charming self. I'm starting to see the pretty in the mirrors.) I happily accepted, but given that I was getting three (all they had in that brand and that size and that style) I bought one today, and will come back for the other two tomorrow.

Hit the mall after that. Was planning to cruise through and return Circus of the Damned at the library, but the library looked very closed across the parking lot, so I turned around and went back in the mall and got Stealing the Elf-King's Roses (Duane) from Waldenbooks with my $5 reward coupon and assorted change. Happy Loony!

I debated a movie, but decided that home would be the best option. Though I do want to see American Wedding sometime... possibly with someone who will appreciate it, rather than Darkside. (He's too cultured for stuff like that. Or he has standards. Or something.)

I got to ride one of the cool long buses, and sat in the turny-part.

Stealing the Elf-King's Roses is good so far. I don't think that any of outofambit's books can escape a certain amount of ... shall we say ... esoterica. It rings through true and clear to me, even in her SF.

Got home, and the Viking was here to check his e-mail. Sadly, Tigereye had crashed in my absence, something that left her fans whirring, but monitors dead and power button single-press nonresponsive. So I held down the button and she did shut down. She's back up now just fine. And I did too clear Blaster off her and put on the patch; so there!

Did dishes, as the dishwasher had been unloaded (thanks, marxdarx!) and then started reading Cerulean Sins (Laurell K. Hamilton). Why, yes, this means I'm reading two books at a time. But hell, that one's a library book.

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