Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Catching up with digitalambience

Headed out last night to the dollar store to get some sidewalk chalk. (*blinks innocently* Sidewalk chalk? My roommate's son is six years old... why would you imagine that it would be for me?) They didn't have any, so I wound up at Fry's.

digitalambience was working, so I was very sneaky and crept up behind him. He didn't see me until I was almost within poking distance.

We chatted. We caught up about this and that, and he told me about his fiancée in great detail. I helped his co-workers tease him. (He turns the most charming shade of pink...) I teased him about Larry, he protested that Larry was his lab partner, I told his friend to ask what class it was for, and he answered that it was Devices, meanwhile doing the gay wristflip. Howling with laughter... It's standard to tease him about having a thing with Larry.

All told, I spent two hours hanging out with him. He's fun. And if I ever thought of boinking him again, Darkside would skewer my ass.


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