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I'm looking for a woman.

Ideally, she would be attractive to both my eye/brain, and also to Adam. Bisexual or lesbian. In the general Phoenix area.

I am a college student with very little in the way of spare time that may be spent out of the house. I may or may not be considered attractive. I've got to get my homepage up and running.

...should like reading, science fiction, anime, computers, and the occult/magic/Wicca/et cetera. Must be poly or open to polyamory.

Advertising on the internet is probably a lousy idea.

...another guy wouldn't be bad either. Straight or bi, but I think my current male partner is very very straight.

The whole idea here is maybe some romance but most primarily friendship, and fun had between those friends. This would be the sort of friendship that should last for a lifetime.

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