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Went to lab, and spent the better part of two hours staring at the guts of a firewall. Propz to me: I'm becoming more proficient at the command-line thing. More propz to me: I made sure that we could get online beforehand. This took some doing. We finally had to call over the Lab Guy (well, in this case, the "petite female" version of guy), who looked at it and told us to do what we'd been doing after verifying that all our information was in order... and it worked.

I showed Sam2 the relevant koan.

I then proceeded to type in the rules for the firewall, line by line, until Sandstrom came over and commented that it would be an awful lot easier if we were putting them in a file, so we could run them later at will. He recommended vi, and told me that actually, the way I was doing it was the way he'd do it, testing first before putting into a file...

Scary and evil things happened, at least from the viewpoint of the Sams; man and -h saw me at least limping through putting stuff into vi, which later proved to be in a way that was... well... not really good, since it wouldn't save to the file I thought it was saving to, was beyond the expertise of the lab guy, and finally required Sandstrom's intervention.

And we never did finish the firewall.

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