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I misread a meme, which spawned another one. Time Capsule of You.

[Edit: Because I was really zonked last night and crashed slightly after finishing this, I didn't properly cite my source, which is this. And it turns out that I didn't misread it at first after all (it was oddly worded, which has been changed), which means I get to spawn another one which will be what I thought it said when I thought I'd misread it the first time.]

Suppose you were to put together a time capsule to represent your life. This time capsule would be opened 100 years from now. What 15 items would you put in to represent you to the future, and why?

1. A zip disk containing the full archives of all my journals, and some photos of my entire family.

That's practically like downloading my brain. It also illustrates the technological constraints of the day.

2. A liquid-ink rollerball pen.

I write. A lot.

3. One of my paper journals.

My handwriting, and also some clever illustrations.

4. A burned CD of my favorite songs, in .mp3 format.

More of the building blocks of my brain.

5. The Star Trek mug Mama made for me.

For a while, that fandom was everything to me. Also represents my family, and so forth.

6. A pressed wild rose.


7. The lightsaber.

Later fandoms, and also one of the closest friendships I've ever had.

8. One of the afghans I've crocheted.

That's me, the afghan rebel, crocheting in class.

9. A black-and-white spotted chicken wing feather.

Calico. My best friend. My hen. My cat.

10. My Tarot deck, complete with the sheet of interpretations that I'm beginning to compile.

Magic. Mayhem. The Circle of Chaos.

11. One slightly battered adult toy.

Heh. Heh.

12. A palmtop computer, with my daily schedule, tasks, games, and loaded with some books: Spock's World and Cyteen among them; probably some Phil Hine and D.M. Kraig as well.

These are more things that went in my mind... Cyteen for the mind-management, Spock's World for the religion, and those two for the magic.

13. A phone -- either a cordless model from around 1998, or a corded phone with a long cord, stretched but not tangled, from around 1996.

I spent years on the phone.

14. My certificate proclaiming that I'm a minister.

I really am. All else is quickly becoming what I *do*. That's what I *am*. That, and a writer.

15. My eventual wedding ring.

Love's always been important to me.

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