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Am I even alive today? I'm not sure. I'm still not feeling so good. I'm not sure whether not eating much is cause or effect. At any rate, I'm printing out ectogenesis, the version I have, and then I'm going back home and then heading out with easalle for the writing group thing.

I'm hot and really disoriented. Well, I'm not hot anymore, but I'm still disoriented, and now all the water is having the predictable effect, and I have to wait until the printout's done.

Gods, there's so much crap in that. LJ's honed my rage and hatred, but my writing, too, and I'm going to be shearing out great chunks of it. I've got to find that copy I printed out two or so years ago, and go off the edits I made in that...

Yep, I'm waking back up to my writing. I don't know what triggered it, but it's back. I've been zombied so long... I thought I had something going with the one about the androids last year, but that was... crashed. I didn't have the heart to write much after last September. I'm glad I'm starting again. Now that I've got a vision for the book, and I know what I'm writing about, it'll be better...

I do know, the conversations with the cat are going to go, mostly... even though they are cute. I have to back them off and have rosalynde relate the sense of them in her journal.

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