Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

I don't want the world; I just want your half.

Making great strides in the cleaning of a certain room tonight. I got myself a beanbag chair (I've been wanting one for ages, and they were on sale when I went to get myself the caramels to dip in chocolate) and I discovered that I had nowhere to set it, my room being not exactly a pigsty, lacking the mud and muck, and not even a trash heap, lacking much of the garbage, but definitely something disorderly and disreputable, wanting correction.

To this end, I've placed certain items in my new plastic crate-things -- one has gotten my crocheting, and another has gained my schoolbooks, so they'll have a place to live when they're not in my backpack as they belong to be.

I must dig out more shorts from the Box of New Black Clothing, as it has come to my attention that all of the oldest of the shorts that I wear under skirts have disintegrated (being perhaps five years old) and I have only three left.

I may not have explicitly mentioned it before, but I am the kind of obsessive detail-oriented obsessively detail-oriented romantic sop who will observe that even though you have declared that you dislike chocolate, you have admitted to liking almond Hershey kisses, and keep some on hand in her desk drawer, Just In Case.

Wow. I see floor. Tomorrow, I suppose, will involve putting away of laundry, and finding a place for that unsuspecting stack of papers, books, and notebooks, and same for those two boxes of assorted Junque.

Why is "Runaround", from the Dave Matthews Band [edit: this is evidently a rare cover of the Blues Traveler song, existing only inside my head], stuck in my head?

Today, I noticed that I seem to get hiccups accompanied by a sour stomach, and when I take something for the sour stomach, the hiccups likewise go away. I'll have to observe more on this pattern. Also, watermelon contributes to sour stomach, for whatever ungodsly reason.

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