Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Note to cat:

Dear eris_raven,

Being a cat, you may not be familiar with the physical guideline that suggests that only one object may occupy a given amount of space at one time. Being a cat, though, you should be familiar with what happens when us two-legged folk are walking -- namely, our legs move, and we move in a direction, often forward. Thus, this morning, when you attempted to occupy the same space as my leg and the empty bucket of dishwasher detergent, you did get a little squished between them instead of co-existing in harmony. And that squishing did cause you to yowl in surprise.

Perhaps next time, my dear fluffy friend, you might wish to brush up on the physics of this plane, so you'll know when to get out of the way, like if someone is walking, or someone is sitting down on the bed that you have claimed as yours?

azurelunatic, aka "Mommy"

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