Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Well, we're going to have Thanksgiving with the dread-in-laws again this year. Gloom! Doom! But, I have a cunning plan.

Y'see, Dawn, my good old college buddy, the friend of Darkside and ralmathon and me, is going to be zooming in and out of town, tentatively arriving Thanksgiving Thursday, and leaving the very next day.

Now, I haven't seen Dawn since her wedding back in January. (I caught the rose. Go, me.) It is therefore important that we get to see her while she's in town, right?

It may well be possible for us to be able to leave the festivities early in order for us to be home when Dawn arrives, because we've got to be able to see Dawn, because she's in from out of state, right? Right?

Priorities, priorities. Ahhhhh. *satisfied sigh*

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