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Cast of Characters: Good Friends & so forth

Good Friends:

Darkside, aka Maniac, War, my best friend the gentleman: my very best friend. He lives in Mesa with his parents, and graduated from DeVry in October 2002 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems. (If anyone in the Phoenix area is looking for a dependable programmer with a sense of humor and bonus points for stubbornness, he's your man.) The prehistory of how I met him, and the actual meeting of him, were very significant in the creation of my current self. We don't spend much time together these days, but I keep in contact with him. Despite the weird unrequited love situation, both of us know what is going on, and both of us are fine with it. Physically, he is skinny, 5'7", with dark blond hair, grey-blue eyes, glasses, and thin features. He often forgets to shave. He currently works at the shit job he's had since high school, and has very little free time. Little Fayoumis adores Darkside and wishes he'd spend more time with us.

sithjawa: As well as a friend and colleague, this is my Pretty! (That translates, fairly well, to "girlfriend", though there are perhaps a few semantic differences.) boojum met her at Harvey Mudd, and introduced us over LJ in the fall of 2002.

swallowtayle: swallowtayle and I met a little after August 30, 1982. I remember that there was this big dark hallway with the cold dark lights (fluorescent, duh), and then I got to look through the window, and Gamer Aunt pointed out that the baby in the blue blanket right there was my sister. There was also a teeny baby in this plastic box over to the left, deeper inside the room, and somebody was doing something to that baby. I adored her until she was big enough to crawl through my toys, and we had an on-and-off relationship from that point on. Now that we're both adults, we're more reliably friends.

votania: Besides being roommate, co-parent, and non-biological sister, she's a friend.

marxdarx: Again, not only roommate, co-parent, and some form of not-legally-approved brother-in-law, but friend too.

iroshi: my Priestess-confessor, a friend and colleague. From certain organizational viewpoints, she and I would be considered cousins, though there is no known biological relationship. One of the principals in the Texas crew.

Dawn, A*, Aurora: The friend of Darkside and Neighbor who is now a friend of mine. She and I conspire about my ongoing courtship of Darkside. She got married on January 4, 2003, to yet another Dave.

ralmathon, aka Neighbor, the Oak Prince: Until September 2002, he lived in our apartment complex; until approximately June 2003, he lived close by. He was often over to game and baby-sit. We both attended UAF at the same time, the spring of 1999, but never really met until we crashed into each other via Dawn. Little Fayoumis adores ralmathon. He was a Lab Guy at DeVry until the Fall 2002 tri. He and Darkside are friends, if somewhat distantly.

boojum: Introduced to me by pyrogenic in 1995, when they were dating. Became friends. Lost touch in 1998; gained touch again in 2002 through the List and LJ. Can almost read my mind.

amberfox: iroshi's Second, and another one of the Texas crew.

Dave (Dave-in-Ohio)/godai: an online friend, another of a large collection of Davids.

wibbble: Friend, colleague, all-around nice guy. Fiancé of starbrow.

starbrow: One of the sweetest girls in the world. Used to live in Phoenix; moved to Texas to be with iroshi.

sionainn: A friend of crisavec and fellow Alaskan. When apart, she and I are perfectly sensible young women. Put us together, and hilarity ensues. Much hilarity. Much, much hilarity. Also a colleague.

rainstorm13: Friend, colleague. We haven't yet tested our weirdness in person.

Other close people and those around...

easalle: We hang out, do things with fountains, and generally have a good time.

reichiere: Schoolmate and buddy. Sometimes we hang out. We gossip a lot.

redshoeson: We had quite a few friends in common, starting with starbrow and reichiere. We hang out every now and then.

Clover: A former co-worker of votania's. She comes by the Temple and chills and we gossip. Has a husband and teenage son, not to mention the menagerie.

amberite: One of those nifty LJ people who wound up showing up in the spring of 2003. Since she's in another state, she doesn't spend half enough time here. She brought eris_raven together with me again!

othercat: One of the Sith Academy people from back in the day.

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