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Raven's child's new clothes

People have been boggled about my clothes for the longest time.

Quite a bit of the time I dress in near-unrelieved black, tip to toe. Around here, I typically wear long-sleeved black shirts, and either long black pants, or a long black skirt. (It's summer, still, and too hot for shorts.) When Darkside and I were still meeting for breakfast before he graduated, my "uniform" was the long black pants or skirt with a black tank top and a button-down shirt (black) open over that.

People accuse me of being a goth. When I'm not in all black, though, my color choices, well...

I have a skirt. I call it "the frog skirt". Mama made it for me. It's got a pattern of 2" brilliant rainforest frogs on a bright turquoise background. I love that skirt. (Maybe I'll be able to wear it again someday soon.) I have a padded cotton jacket. I can't remember where I got it, now. The tag says it was made in Guatemala. The lining is white. The outside is woven and patchwork. There is a lot of red. There is also blue, green, yellow, pink, I think some orange... there may even be black and white, but precious little, used for accent.

I like to wear the frog skirt and the jacket together, with a plain black shirt (which goes with both). If I still had them, you could bet that I'd be wearing my neon sneakers... but they, sadly, fell apart long ago. They were neon pink, neon yellow, and neon green.

Goth? Um, no. But I do look lovely!

I finally figured it out, very recently. I've got Raven's taste! Sure, I wear sober black myself, but I just looooove shinies!

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