Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

'Tis the Season...

...for loud, wild college parties, evidently.

Came home from the store just shy of midnight to find cars zooming into the apartment complex parking lot, and find that there was a Large Crowd at the other end of the parking lot, making that unmistakable combination of noise that lets you know that it's either teenagers, college students, or both.

This is a high-college apartment complex, so I'm guessing that they're college students. Something must have broken up part of the party, because I saw several carfuls leaving, all at once. Perhaps it's migratory. Commented to one of the neighbors who was also taking out trash at that hour.

Now, as I'm doing laundry, I am seeing and smelling another party -- loud voices, loud music, and that unmistakable herbal redolence pouring down from somewhere slightly upstairs of the laundry room.

Back in my first set of college days, I learned that smell, thanks especially to one incident. My chickfriend/roommate StaticGirl and I were hanging out in the office of the dorm-stationed campus police officer, and we saw -- and smelled -- this guy rushing by. Tonya, the officer, excused herself, kicked us out of the office, and went barrelling after him. He wound up to have shoved the bong down his pants. He was reeking. StaticGirl told me that the technical name for what he'd been smoking was "skunk weed", because of the overpowering odor.

It is evident that the guys upstairs of the laundry room do not have the good stuff. Pfew!

Also, I came home from the grocery store to find that the parking lot smelled like intensive cedar, or mothballs, or something. Our patio smells of it, too, and around outside at that end. It smells like cedar dipped in rubbing alcohol. Or something. It's very strong, and not especially fun to breathe.

Time to go put stuff in the dryer. We'll see if the wild and stinkies have gone to bed yet...

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