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Why the Army doesn't want swallowtayle

Back while I was still at home, which would have made it somewhen between 1998 and 2000, the Army called up to try and recruit my baby sister, swallowtayle.

I knew that she wouldn't want to be in the Army, and I said as much. The recruiter then engaged me in conversation, mostly centering around what the Army could do to advance my dear little sister's career. (I think, retrospectively, that the dude thought that I was her mother.)

"I don't know what jobs you do have that would advance her career goals," I told him.

"We have something for everyone. What does she want to do?"

This was just too good. Coincidentally, she and I had been talking over career options, so I knew just what her plans were. "She wants to be a wandering minstrel," I told him gravely.

"... ... ... ... We have a band...?" he replied, eventually.

I don't recall any more calls for her after that.

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