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State machines

State of the Room: pretty damn clean.
State of the Lunatic: tired.
State of the Cats: awake.
State of the Ritual: about 1 more day left on that candle.
State of the Computer: really needing a clean install.
State of the Friends Page: loading really phucking fast.
State of the Romance1: We are the Queen of Bad Timing and the King of No Time.
State of the Romance2: Three more weeks until BONK! time!
State of the Samhein Costume: washed, dripping dry into the bathtub.
State of the Hair: needs a trim, looking more and more like Francine every day. 'cept no bangs.
State of the Schooling: "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again, if you nead help, please dial the Oppppperator..."
State of the Kid: Arizona.

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