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Tech Support for FatherSir

Once upon a time, I was young and impressionable and eager-to-please. So when FatherSir announced that we were switching operating systems, I was quite happy to help out. We saved all of our important files, and FatherSir told me to install Windows 95, and then put in WordPerfect and Presentations. Then he left to run some errands. Since FatherSir either was still, or had recently been1, working at UAF's Geophysical Institute in the Space Physics and Aeronomy Group as a computer person, he was used to being on the leading edge of computers. So, of course, installing the latest and greatest operating system was the thing to do...

I happily sat there with a book, feeding Guardian2 3½" floppies when prompted. Finally, it was all installed -- and I went to use it.

Keep in mind, I was a DOS baby, and then I was introduced to Windows 3.1, and I was used to everything working.

When FatherSir came back home, I told him (with the steam visibly rising from my head) that for his convenience, I had reinstalled 3.1, and if he wanted to use 95, he could reinstall it himself.

Some years later, we did switch over to 98 successfully.

[1] He retired at some point when I was teenage. Many of those years are blurrish...

[2] Guardian was our Gateway 2000 computer. Nice little machine. I miss him. As far as I know, he's still up and running.

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