Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

In The Doghouse

...Last night Votania picked up some cat food for Shamash, our darling hyperactive pinball cat.

Cats being the nocturnal creatures they are, we should have expected this, especially since Shamash has not had his full portion of attention since Thursday.

I woke up to find pillow stuffing (Votania'd gotten three large bags of that too) scattered in little tufts of fluff around the coffee table area, and holes chewed in not only the cat food bag, but the kitty litter bag as well.

...Shamash got shown his misdeeds and sent to the corner (shut in the bathroom) for a few minutes. Nephew gets to stand with his nose in the corner because he can take his punishment like a good boy. Shamash doesn't do that, so he has to stay in the bathroom when he's in trouble.

I guess I'd better find some containers to put the cat food ... and the kitty litter ... in.

Argh. Cats.
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