Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

*sigh* Rainy day...

It's a nice, cool, grey, rainy day. I got royally soaked on the way to school, not from the rain falling from the sky, but from the streets being filled with water, and getting splashed, therefore, by cars.

I didn't get as soaked as I could have, because I had an umbrella, and the wit to hold it between me and the street, rather than between me and the sky.

Sandstrom's class was entertaining. We've been working on security policies, as a wrap-up for the class, and after we finished up today, he told us that any of us in want of some computer humor, who didn't mind some bad language, should do a search on BOFH. Snerked to him that I'd given my girlfriend some links just this weekend. I was wearing my black "White Hat" hat today.

Cool days often bring out a touch of the meloncholy if I don't have something actively cheerful going on. (If there's something going on that I'm happy about, I love cool days, because then I don't overheat.)

Right now, what I'd like is some snuggles. And not from a cat. Cat-snuggles are nice and warm and fuzzy (and tickly and noisy, too!) ... but they're just not the real thing.

I'd probably get more snuggles if I'd relax my standards about who's allowed to snuggle me, but that's something I just can't do. I am certain that people would volunteer to snuggle me, and I know that some of the offers I would accept, and some of the offers, I am sure I would not. In order to snuggle properly with someone, I have to be either comfortable with them touching me in possibly not-work-safe ways ... or else sure that they would not ... and in either case, would stop if asked.

And 'net hugs are sometimes a little chilly.

Ah well. 14 more days.

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