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Bus Encounter

There was a Shrimpy on the bus. Shrimpy is a former classmate of my best friend Darkside's; sadly, they happen to have been issued the same first name. This led to some unfortunate scenes, similar to the recriminations of computers when they discover that they have been issued the same IP address.
"We don't want this guy in our group! He sucks, and furthermore, he's an ass!"

"Um, I'd be insulted if that didn't describe the other guy so very well. You say you CCed that to the Dean?"

"Oh, we thought you were the other guy. Our bad. Glad to have you on board!"
Shrimpy wasn't very well-admired by anyone, and he and Darkside were near-unto mortal enemies, which was a shame, as Shrimpy thought that he and Darkside were best friends.

Shrimpy had just come back from seeing a zombie movie when I encountered him on the northbound 19. He was getting all enthusiastic about it. "We could be in a movie like that! You'd be the chick with the black magic, and I'd be the guy with the sword."

"I have an idea. I could be the chick with the magic, Darkside could be the guy with the sword, and you could be the guy who gets killed in the first scene."

That didn't go over so well.

"I never can remember your name."

"The one who didn't hit you over the head quite so much."


"Well, I might as well remedy that..." *SMACK*

He lives on Glendale now. "Great neighborhood," I said, with sarcasm so palpable that Shrimpy picked up on it.

"Aww, it's not that bad," he said. "I don't mind as long as the drug dealers are doing their deals around the corner and not bothering me."

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