Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Spawn of the Crush Meme

For the record, I did the original crush meme.

And yes, I put down a lot of people as "secret crush", because, honestly, this is what happens with many friends.

The usual procedure, in fact, when I meet a new potential friend, involves getting a mild crush on them. Some times it's worse than others. I got an immediate crush on votania, actually, but that got way canned when it wound up that she was not only straight, but a little bit homophobic to boot. (She got better.) The immediate crush I got on Darkside faded out naturally, but then got revived bigger and "better" than before, "thanks" to ... someone of Shrimpy's given name. (It was a royal nuisance at the time; it's since become livable.)

Some people, I don't start out crushing on, but get a bit of a crush as I get to know them better. Some people, I start out crushing on, and either it gets put in the background, fades utterly... or develops into something more serious.

Four people have Secret Crushes on me, who did the meme. One ex-crush.

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