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At least I met some interesting people today. Dan, who reads Robert Jordan, and a nameless lady with a necklace the same shape as mine. We exchanged favorite author names. I came back from break (I'd gone late, thanks to a long survey) and came back to find everyone gone. At least I got a few minutes more than I otherwise might have in.

Tried to call the place when I came back (this would be for the new job) but office hours were over. So I call tomorrow when I'm at home watching my nephew.

Watched the 2nd half of Dark Angel tonight. Very decent. Very nice. Very angsty. I like angst, and I have an especial hot button about genetically engineered superheroes named Zach...

...well, if you haven't seen the episode, I'm not going to spoil it. I saw it coming from the moment the doctors audibly identified the problem, though, and I dang near cried.

Would have, too, except reality's been catching up with me, and fiction, while it's compelling, and there are lots of beautiful stories, doesn't quite have the same lure to it anymore.

I think I'm starting to listen to my sis and my father -- he was addicted to science fiction once too, but then put it aside for the things that were real.

My hope is that one day the beauties of science fiction will all come to pass, and the horrors will not.


...Wish I had more words of wisdom. Was trying to write to my best friend tonight while I was at work. Got some lovely dreams down in the midst of all the silliness.
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