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Had much fun with norabombay. She is an LJ whore, and borrowed Tigereye to update her journal after we were done with lunch. We drove all around, and there was much goodness and boyband discussion and looking at scenery and me giggling at Greenway.

I would love to use some kind of online tool to outline our crazy, on-crack route around some of the more interesting areas of Phoenix, but ... we went from Town & Country shopping center to Metrocenter, to templeravenmoon out to the north end of Loop 101 where it intersects 19th Avenue, and then through Scottsdale, into Tempe, into Mesa and out to nearly the eastern end of the 202, then back down Mesa Drive to the 60, and then through downtown past and through Arizona Art Supply back to templeravenmoon again.

It was a lot of fun. I don't get to go just randomly driving around looking at stuff much.

We can hold a coherent conversation, but it does jump from thing to thing.

Oh, and is why Fapp's Printing, on Camelback at the corner with 19th Ave, is so funny.

Dogs, and the funky things they eat. Cats. Pets with LJs. Kids. Dancing. Why pop music is so contagious. And so forth.

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