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Good Behaviour

Little Fayoumis was good today. He had Bookworm Club today, and then we went and got the spare fucking key made. I pointed out to him when he was interrupting when I was explaining to ask about something that I had yet to explain, or that I'd already explained when he was interrupting.

There was some boredom, with waiting in line. He borrowed my flashlight to look in my mouth.

After he had supper, I wanted to clean the living room. We tidied some. He backed off while I tried to fix the vacuum cleaner, and stopped making noise from Strongbad when I asked him to (and I only had to remind him a few times afterwards). Once the vacuum cleaner was reasonably back together, I decided to have him load the dishwasher while I vacuumed.

This did not go half as well as planned. He loaded the dishwasher, with some small assistance in getting things to fit in right (he looked awed at my puzzle-solving skills, but has the concept down right & tight; soon he'll load the dishwasher better than his mother), but the vacuum cleaner began to smell of burning rubber, so I turned it off.

That's an improvement from burning hair, at least.

I calmly remarked to the Little Fayoumis that this smell was what burning rubber smelled like. I suppose that my calm is one of the things that makes me a good parent; he equally calmly pointed out the small plume of white smoke coming from the vacuum cleaner. I walked over and removed plug from socket, and congratulated Little Fayoumis on spotting the smoke. It dissipated quickly.

Little Fayoumis got a penny for his piggy bank for the chore.

His reading really is improving. Evidently he goes to another teacher's classroom for some reading; I don't know whether that's advanced reading or non-advanced reading. Either way, he read the story about Tom and his mom with only a few little stumbles over words -- saying "well" for "will" (I corrected him, "Short i sound...") and not being familiar with the word "bop". (He's asking for definitions of unfamiliar words now. I am happy.)

That being finished, we progressed to the Potter guide. "Threat" was introduced to his vocabulary. My scathing criticism of the book, "Could they possibly have overwritten that any more?" provoked many giggles. There were no temper tantrums over pajamas or toothbrushing, and bed was attained quickly after coming to a pausing point in the reading.

Now that he's old enough to sit still and be read to, I think many fun times will be had.

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