Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

State of the Lunatic

Headachey. Loony, avoid caffiene, avoid soda, avoid salt. You combined the opposite of this. No wonder you feel like shit, especially with that book on top of it. Sheesh. No wonder you're drinking water like you're going to move to Arrakis tomorrow.

Tired. You're misspelling left and things right, dear. Not to mention the word order, which was left intact for the samke of example. See? (Actually, this sort of typo is common for me, to have the brain a goo d several letters ahead of the fingers.)

Validated. Sandstrom was so wrong, and I was so right. His e-mail to us instructed us to be in 110 at 2pm. He got the wrong section. We're at 10 am in 119.

Potentially embarrassed. I accidentally included my signature from e-mail in my query-and-correction mail to Sandstrom. The sig includes my actual LJ (azurelunatic). It's too much to hope that Sandstrom doesn't recognize what LJ is, because I introduced him to it via my professional LJ, the one that has my actual name. Security through obscurity is not a good plan. Bad Fayoumis. Ah well, at least it's the end of the term.

Panicky. House is shambles. Party in week plus few days. Worry, worry, super-scurry.

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